School of Ministry


REGISTRATION: Tuition for Course of Study students is $180 plus a $20 registration fee. Tuition for non-ministerial students who are auditing a course is $80 plus a $20 registration fee. There is also a one-time only fee of $20 for initial enrollment at NSM.

Students should register for a course by completing a registration form and returning it, along with a check for $200 ($180 tuition payment + $20 registration fee, payable to Nazarene School of Ministry) to Nazarene School of Ministry, 7640 Antioch Road, Overland Park, KS 66204. Late registrations will be accepted up to and including the first night of class, but there will be an additional $20 late registration fee.

COSTS: Contact our Registrar for any questions regarding course payments.  All fees are expected by the beginning of the first night of class.

Tuition: $60 per credit hour. The fourth digit in the course number indicates credit hours. (Non-ministers who are auditing the class pay $80 tuition per course.)

  • Registration fee: $20 per term.
  • Admission fee: $20 - a one-time only charge for initial enrollment at NSM.
  • Late registration fee: $20 per term (see Current Schedule for deadline).
  • Text books: Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks prior to the first class session. For titles see Current Schedule.

COURSES: See Current Schedule link on this website for a list of courses available.

SEND COMPLETED REGISTRATION FORM AND CHECK (payable to Nazarene School of Ministry) TO:

Nazarene School of Ministry
7640 Antioch Road
Overland Park, KS 66204


  • Kansas City Nall Avenue Church of the Nazarene, 6301 Nall Avenue, Prairie Village, Kansas 66202

QUESTIONS: Contact Cheri Kommel at