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Kansas City District Church of the Nazarene CEU Coordinator
Dr. Bill Kirkemo -

Church of the Nazarene Guidelines For Evaluating & Granting Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

I will need the following information to evaluate continuing education (CE) seminars and events:

  1. Brochure showing name, topic, and schedule of the seminar.
  2. Course syllabus providing information on the depth of the topic covered.
  3. Certificate showing number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) awarded, if available. (If the certificate shows the number of CEUs given for the seminar [not contact hours] you may accept that number of CEUs).

NOTE: A minimum expectation is 20 contact hours each year (two accredited CEUs) (Manual 424.6). Academic programs are considered continuing education and as such cannot earn CE credit. However, it is important to report credit hours earned for continuing education records. Those having earned at least three semester hours (four quarter hours) per year for academic credit will have exceeded the minimum continuing education expectations as stated in the Manual. (Manual 424.6). Graduate programs are not recorded as continuing education through Office of the Ministry. However, the pastor's report should reflect involvement in graduate programs. Those who meet the above guidelines while in a degree program are exempt from earning the minimum expectation of 20 contact hours each year (two accredited CEUs) (Manual 424.6).

The Following information is REQUIRED in order to award CEU Credit:

  1. Pastor's Legal Name - Please indicate the pastor's legal or full name. For example, Rev. Timothy W. Green, not Butch Green or Jr. Green. For ALL CEU events (whether district events or individual seminars), we send the CEU cards and updated records to the district coordinator or district office to distribute to the participants. All the information we need to record CEUs is the CE district report sent to us by the district office or CEU coordinator.
  2. Title of Event - What was the exact title of the CEU event? Example: K Church Conference.
  3. CEUs - Record the number of CEUs granted to the pastor for the seminar attended. If you do not know how many CEUs were given then record how many hours of Face Time with the instructor were presented. Meals and travel time do not count. (See number three below)
  4. Instructor(s) - Who taught the class? If there was more than one teacher, then you can note Various on the report form.
  5. Sponsor - Who sponsored the event? Was it sponsored by the district? For example, Kansas City District, John Maxwell Seminars, Injoy Ministries, Small Church Institute (SCI), etc.
  6. Event Date - What was the completion date of the continuing education event? For example, the Millennial Celebration was February 17-19, 1999.

Other Information:

  1. CEUs are awarded according to the number of contact hours (50 minutes = one contact hour, ten contact hours = one CEU). This includes ONLY regular sessions and plenary sessions (if applicable). In other words, do NOT include anything such as meals, breaks, openings, closings, etc. Again, if there is a certificate with a specific number of CEUs granted, you may accept that number of CEUs.
  2. CEUs are now assigned according to the 4-Cs, (Content, Competency, Character, and Context). Content covers seminars dealing with the topics or matters of the written work (Bible, Theology, Sunday School Conferences, etc). Competency covers seminars dealing with learning abilities or qualities which will help the student function and/or respond in a certain way according to what he/she has learned (Administration, Organization, Preaching, etc). Character covers seminars dealing with personal growth, including individual attributes, mental and ethical traits marking a person (Faith Renewal, Mapping Your Style, Temperament, etc). Context covers seminars dealing with interrelated conditions in which something or someone exists or occurs (Social Concerns, Ethics, Community Situations, etc).
  3. For pastors unable to attend CE events due to circumstances beyond their control, the district may establish a directed reading program to fulfill the CE requirements. The books need to be evaluated according to the 4-Cs. Participants should try to read a variety of books which will grant them CE credit in all of the 4-Cs. For the directed reading program, 30 hours of reading plus a minimum 500 word reflection paper on each book read would equal one CEU. Your District Ministerial Studies Board would make the determination how many books should be read for a given amount of time that would earn the CEUs desired.
  4. Pastors teaching a class (example, Small Church Institute, SCI, Reteach for district pastors, extension class in the Directed Studies Program, etc) for the first time may receive CE credit for the number of hours involved in preparation. It does require 30 hours of preparation time to equal one CEU.
  5. Office of the Ministry is still responsible for recording CE on the pastors profile and will continue to print the CE cards and updated CE records as we receive the information in our office. Any seminars or events the district office approves and sends us will be accepted by our office.

Direct any questions to Dr. Bill Kirkemo