Guide to Ministerial Preparation and Ordination

(Please note that the information is applicable under General Assembly, 2021)

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Resources for Lead Pastors

Pastors, if you have an individual in your local church who is feeling God's call into ministry, we want to make sure you know the steps that need to be taken for them to be issued a Local Minister's License. You can click the button below to find all of those details and forms for first time applicants, or renewal applicants.

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This event is mandatory for the following: those applying for a District License for the first time, or those who have transferred to the Kansas City District from another district this past year. (First time applicants must have held a local church license for a minimum of one year and have completed at least a quarter of the Course of Study.)


January 27, 2024

Begins at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude around 3:00 p.m.

Place: KC First Church (11811 State Line Rd., Kansas City, MO)

Cost: $30.00, will include all meals and Inquiry materials


Register by January 15, 2024

District Licensed Ministers

This information is for those being granted OR the renewal of their district license.

Deadline for all paperwork, including registration for Inquiry, is Monday, January 15, 2024.

All of the following required paperwork for the granting or renewal of one’s District Minister’s License must be submitted to credentials@kcdistrict.org.

You will receive a confirmation email when your forms have been received. If you do not receive confirmation, please follow up.

First time applicants who have a divorce in their background, must have a divorce barrier removal on file with the Board of General Superintendents. Send an email to credentials@kcdistrict.org to begin the process of Divorce Barrier Removal.

Local Church Recommendation Form

Recommendation to the District Assembly Form

Contact your local church pastor and ask them to complete this form. This requires a vote of the local church board, affirming the evidence of grace, gifts and effectiveness. It is important that your Local Church Recommendation Form be on the agenda of your local church board meeting prior to January 19th so that it can be submitted with your paperwork.

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Application for a District Minister’s License

First time applicants must sign the application. This year we are moving to an online form and submission process for the District License Application.  When you click the link below you will be asked to set up an account with a username (email) and password. Keep this login information available as you will use this each year to submit the renewal application.  The system will also allow you to “save for later” any items that you do not complete and return to finish them later.  You will find further instructions within the application pages.



2024 Questionnaire - for a District Licensed Minister

The Questionnaire must be completed in its’ entirety and submitted online.  Feel free to share your submitted responses with your pastor. The PDFs below are for reference and preparation only.

English 2024 Questionnaire   Español 2024 Cuestionario

English 2024 Questionnaire (pdf)
Español 2024 Cuestionario (pdf)


Job Description

If you are in an assigned role, other than a lead pastor, you must provide a letter with your start date and job description. This information should be provided by your supervisor, which you in turn would forward to credentials@kcdistrict.org.


Education Transcript or Proof of Continuing Education

Your updated transcript/continuing education information should be forwarded to Dr. Bill Kirkemo at billkirkemo@gmail.com
USA/Canada Valid Course of Study Curriculums


Background Check Form

This form will take you to the site to pay for your background check and submit your background check form. If you’ve had a background check completed within the last two years, and can provide a copy of the results, please email a copy to credentials@kcdistrict.org.

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Renewal Interviews for District Minister’s License

February 27 and March 19, 2024

Hour interviews will be scheduled on first come first served basis. All paperwork must be submitted in order for your interview to be scheduled.

Interviews will be held at KC Central Church of the Nazarene 12600 W 87th Street Parkway, Lenexa

Potential Ordinand Interviews

April 16, 2024

Central Church of the Nazarene
12600 W 87th Street Parkway, Lenexa