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Approved by the DAB: 

The Kansas City District encourages churches to count online attendance with the following criteria:

  1. A ‘view’ can be counted if at least ½ of the service is watched.
    1. Recommend counting views through Tuesday of each week.
    2. Many platforms will offer information for length of views.
  2. Each view may be counted as up to 2 attendees for online attendance.
    1. Current data reflects online multipliers from 1.4 – 2.7.
    2. Church demographics may call for a lower multiplier.
  3. Each church is encouraged to reach out to online viewers in the following ways.
    1. During live stream (i.e., ‘chat’)
    2. Seek an online registration
    3. Prayer requests
    4. Post-service follow-up.
    5. ‘Share’ service as means of outreach.
Board of General Superintendents Recommendations Regarding Counting Online Worship Attendance

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Thank you for your diligence!