This event is currently on pause until we have a team willing to lead it, IF you are interested in restarting this event please contact Menda Tyler at kcdnazkids@kcdistrict.org


What is JMR Immersion?

JMR stands for Junior Mission Retreat. This retreat will immerse participants in a mock Work and Witness encounter where we will "board a plane" and "navigate customs," encounter foreign cultures, practices, languages and cuisine! Don't worry, your preteen will not leave the property--it will just "feel like" we do! This is planned and sponsored by KCD Children's Ministry and KCD Nazarene Missions International 

Who will serve as sponsors?

Each church is asked to send a sponsor to accompany students. For example, if you are bringing boys, send male sponsors. If you are brining girls, send female sponsor.  

Will students and sponsors sleep? 

Yes! We believe it is difficult for anyone of any age to benefit from forgoing an entire night of rest. While it won't be a 10 hour stretch, we do observe "lights out" and "quiet time" for about 7-8 full hours. 

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Girls and female sponsors in one space. 

Boys and male sponsors in another space. 

The floor is our foundations so plan bedrolls wisely. 

In addition to bedroll, what should I bring?

  • 1 roll of nickels 
  • 1 box of cereal
  • shoes
  • jacket
  • tooth brush and other items to help you feel and smell fresh
  • comfy clothes for sleeping
  • change of clothes for morning
  • a friend

Who should I contact with additional questions?  

Delinda Jeronimo at djeronimo@wwnaz.org



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