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Church Planting Essentials

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This training introduces 12 Biblical Principles of Church Planting that are essential for the development and birth of a healthy new church. Led by Rev. Dale Samuels, an experienced Church Planters in the Kansas City District, the training will be offered in a Hybrid format with 2 sessions (first and last) in person and 3 online (through Zoom).

This training is provided at no cost to you.  Registration must be received by Jan 19, 2022

Info: Dale Samuels dale@grace-community.net

Dates:   January 20th, 6 to 8pm (in person @ KCD office)
              January 27th, 6 to 7pm (Zoom)
              February 3rd, 6 to 7pm (Zoom)
              February 10th, 6 to 7pm (Zoom)
              February 19th (in person @ Equip KC)