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3rd & 4th Grade Lock-in

Event Details

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 am
Location: Grace Community Church of the Nazarene
Address: 19300 US-169, Spring Hill, KS 66083


Event Contact Info

Name: Lock-in Registrar
Email: kckidscampregistrar@gmail.com


Register Now

We love giving KCD students time together. 

Cost: $30

Participants: 3rd/4th grade students and sponsors all across the KCD. Note: All churches sending students are asked to send a sponsor. For example, if you are sending girls, a female sponsor is required, if you are sending boys, a male sponsor is required. 

Registration open through January 22nd at 11:59 pm. Refunds available until this time.

When completing forms please choose the grade your student is currently enrolled.


Overnight adults sponsors/parents:

All participating churches are asked to provide at least 1 female, adult sponsor for girls and 1 male, adult sponsor for boys for the students from the local church. Note: while at least 1 is required local churches are free to bring more than 1 sponsor!

Adult sponsors/parent sponsors are required to register as well including registration fee.

Sponsors- must have proof of background check on file with district or local church and recommendation from local pastor.


What to bring:

  • Sleep gear suitable for a night on the floor.
  • Warm sleep clothes.
  • Overnight care items, i.e. toothbrush, hair brush/comb, change of undies, etc. note: there are no showers and no need for a full line of toiletries. Less is more.
  • A snack to share during the movie if you so desire however, we will serve a snack as well.
  • A 3rd/4th grade cousin, friend, neighbor or acquaintance.



Though this event is billed as an all-nighter, Children's Pastors and Leaders recognize the importance of rest for young students. (no one benefits from missing a full night of sleep!) Our schedule includes an end to activity with at least 7-8 hours of quiet. While it may not be as much as normal rhythms of rest, we believe even a little makes a positive contribution to their success in the hours to follow! #SleepIsOurFriend

Want to join! Click here to get registered

Have questions? Click here to get connect with our Registrar